I’m so happy to be learning to knit from Nancy. She is a great instructor – very patient and encouraging. She knows how to fix any mistake and always explains what went wrong. When I first took her class I knew nothing about knitting. After 2 ½ months I am making things people can’t believe I didn’t buy. Everyone was fighting over my women’s hat in the dice game at Christmas!! If you want to learn to knit, need help, or become more advanced, Nancy is your gal! Beth L

Friendly.  Knowledgeable. Patient. Innovative. I have been a student of Nancy Wynn for 3 plus years and these are the words I would use to describe her. She truly has a passion for knitting and teaching others. Ellen Barnett

Nancy's love for knitting and her gift of encouragement and mentoring combine to make her a treasured teacher and coach. She cares about the whole person and sees knitting as much more than making a scarf, blanket, or sweater. Heidi in Maple Grove

I have been knitting with Nancy for 3 months now.  I have learned how to do cable stitches and a gusset, already!  Nancy has been so patient with our group and she is always there to help us fix our mistakes.   Thanks, Nancy, for all of your "positive help" teaching us! Diane

As a brand new knitter, I feel very fortunate to have Nancy Wynn as my instructor.  She has guided my knitting group from learning basic stitches to creating hats & wristers in just a matter of months.  As we start new projects, Nancy suggests appropriate patterns, provides guidance on new techniques and lends plenty of support & encouragement along the way. Not only am I learning quickly, I am also really enjoying the process. Patty McInnis, Plymouth, MN

Nancy is a very knowledgeable, experienced knitting teacher with an unlimited supply of patience.  She took this knitter from on uneven left handed knitter with issues to helping me learn to knit continental which solved all my previous problems.  No matter the mistake, Nancy always knows the answer and makes you feel as if it is no big deal, her enthusiasm for knitting is tremendous.   I have thoroughly enjoyed knitting with Nancy for several years and hope to continue well into the future. Donna

Nancy's help has been immeasurable - from reading patterns to choosing yarns to finishing.  With each project, I'm more confident in tackling more difficult patterns because I know that Nancy can help me with the tough parts.  She is incredibly helpful and I know my knitting is better because of her guidance and encouragement. Angela Deeds