About MeNancy Wynn

My name is Nancy Wynn. I live in Plymouth, MN with my husband of 34 years and three dogs that think they run the household (They do!).

I’ve been teaching professionally for many years, having taught hundreds of people to knit during that time with the youngest being 4 and the oldest being 95. I’m also a lifelong knitter, having learned the craft from my 8th grade home economics teacher.

Many times I’ve been asked why I enjoy teaching, and my answer is simple: I love seeing the joy and amazement in a persons face when they’ve accomplished what they thought was impossible…And it doesn’t matter if they are young or old, the expression is universal!
Having taught so many through the years, I’ve gained insight into the kinds of errors that new, inexperienced knitters make over and over again. Through my web site, readers will be able to benefit from the many tips and techniques that I will share to help them avoid a “knitting meltdown”!

"Knitting brings out the best in people and I truly believe that. It humbles us when we realize we don't know everything, overwhelms us while we're learning something new and it moves us when we see the beautiful art our hands have created!"  by Nancy Wynn

I am a member of the Minnesota Knitters Guild and TKGA, The Knitting Guild Association