Where does yarn come from? (more information)

How is yarn purchased? (more information)

Yarn is purchased by hank, skein or ball. If your yarn is either a skein or ball, try to pull the loose end from the center and begin knitting. If the yarn is in a hank, it must first be wound into a ball.

A hank can be wound by using a swift and ball winder or it can be done by hand.
If you purchase your yarn from a yarn store, the may or may not offer to wind it. Keep in mind that most yarn stores will not return or exchange wound yarn so it’s best to find out their policy beforehand.

What type of notions do I need to start knitting?

Besides yarn, you will need needles. The type of needles you choose will depend on what you’re making and personal preference.

Needles are made from all kinds of material. Everything from metal, birch, bamboo, rosewood, plastic and glass has been used to make needles. The needles can be straight, double pointed or circular.

Other supplies would include a small scissors, gauge checker, needle tip protectors, darning needle to sew in ends, stitch markers and row counter.

When purchasing yarn, is it more important to know the grams or yardage?

That would depend on what you’re making but for all practical purposes, patterns are usually written for yardage. Grams are referenced more on sock patterns.

Is it necessary to purchase yarn with the same dye lot number?

Absolutely. Also, make sure you buy enough when you are making your purchase. It’s always better to have too much yarn than not enough.

What is the difference between continental knitting and English/American knitting?

The only difference is the hand in which you hold the working yarn. If you knit continental, you will be holding the working yarn in your left hand. If you knit English/American, you will hold the working yarn in your right hand.

Is one method better than the other?

No. I’ve been teaching people to knit for many years and I think that both methods are adequate as long as you’re comfortable with it. I personally knit continental but I know that for some people, it just doesn’t work well so it’s important that you choose a method that works best for you.